Stike First Bait was Voted "75 Must Have Gear for 2013"  

Bassmasters Magazine, December 2012

Strike First Technology

Strike First Bait Company has created a revolutionary design like nothing else on the market - SPONGE BAIT. With our patent pending technology, soft plastics will never be the same! Our sponge bait is just that – a sponge encapsulated inside the plastic bait. Specially designed chambers dispense potent attractant giving you cast after cast of alluring scent that fish can’t resist! Fish smell our scent, lock on, hit hard and won’t let go! Fish it and you’ll be hooked – literally! SPONGE BAIT – HANG ON!

Recharge by putting sponge bait back in bag (hook and all), give a squeeze and you’re instantly reloaded for more non-stop action!